Thursday, July 9, 2015

Completed - Ginger Jeans

I have been a little remiss on the blogosphere.  But I like to think I've got some solid reasons

1) sewing took over my life for a little bit
2) work - oh-my-gosh - working towards a promotion is HARD ya'll
3) I went to Canada for a month
4) I joined the gym, because knitting/crocheting/sewing and work is making me a little...soft

Those are three pretty solid things, at least I like to think. And I mean really - it is HARD to balance work (and the commute), plus gym, plus sleeping like a normal person, and then adding in knitting and sewing!  (Also, OITNB, I need a binge)!

I think in one of my very first blog posts I said something about things I'll never make are underwear, tights, and jeans.

I made some Ginger Jeans though.  Yea I did!  Can I get a little Whoop!!!

These are ah-maz-ing.  If the blogosphere hasn't said it enough, let this little fact sink in - I made these, and then I wore them on an airplane, for a 8.5 hour flight.  On an airplane folks.  Normally airplanes are sweatpant/pj territory, but I wore the old Gingers.

Also - I am so damn proud of them, I wore them in the family photo session I had in Canada with my family!

Tamminga Family - Veroni Photography

Can I just say that if you are in the Calgary/Cochrane area, you 1,000% need to check out Veroni Photography. I kid you not. She is amazing. I know my sister-in-law, brother, and their children are normally adorable/super cute - but her photographs are amaze.

I guess those are the final version of the jeans.  

These jeans were actually loads of fun to make as well.  It took a bit of basting, lots of thread changing (as I'm one of the people that have only 1 machine).  

Basted on - fitting pretty good!

Sewing Progress

All Finished!

So - what's on my plate now?

So many things
1) still knitting away at my stripped jumper
2) started knitting a new cropped short sleeved jumper
3) started knitting a NEW also cropped short sleeved wrap jumper (for the outfit-a-long)
4) started tracing out a new pattern
5) ordered fabric and pattern for the outfit-a-long

Gosh.  Too many things.  I need to sit down and finish some items!