Monday, May 11, 2015

So many titles - so many REVEALS (Jumpers, Jumpsuits, and Carolyn Pajamas take 2)

So, the name of this blog is Sew, Knit, Crochet....and you've seen sewing (most definitely has taken over), you've even seen a bit of crochet (animal hats, and a skirt still in progress), but where or where is the knit?

I'm not going to lie.  I really like sewing because of the instant gratification thing.  I also like crochet because I feel like it builds up really quickly - or at very least I can make a hat in an evening.  Knitting.  Well, with knitting I feel like it really takes a long time.  Maybe because in the past I've used really thin yarn.  Who knows.

What I do know, is I've wanted my very own knitted jumper for a long time now.  I've seen quite a few patterns that I really adore, but have been too scared to pick up my knitting needles to give them a go.

Well, fear no longer.  I have spent the last weekend knitting, and I have 2 arms to show for it.

It really came down to the fact that I have a huge yarn stash - I bought a lot of lovely chunky yarn around Christmas time when I wanted to crochet the family some slippers.  I started the slippers, and made nearly 1, but it was so crooked.  I'm talking...super crooked.  And I took it apart, and tried again, alas, still crooked.  So I ended up parking the slipper idea.  Which meant I parked the yarn.

What was I going to do with all that yarn (not to mention the many...many other projects that are parked in the crochet/knit queue).  I went on Ravelry, and gave a search for the type of yarn I had, and saw if there were any projects that kind of matched.

Enter Nautical Pullover in Lion Brand Homespun (minus the lion brand yarn, as I had Deramores Vintage Chunky Yarn).

I'm pretty proud of my tension, and happy so far with the results.  It's fairly basic - I will admit, but as I have actually knitted very few items (a hat, a scarf, a bunch of washcloths, and teapot warmer) - this is pretty much a big deal for me.  I don't really count scarfs or dishcloths, as they are literally little squares/long rectangles, and take very little...skill?  I don't mean to say knitting itself isn't a skill, but there is no shaping, and very few details in the patterns I have chosen, and also no colour changes.

Not too shabby amirite?!  I also didn't go for the typical cream and navy blue.  Mostly because I had cream and either this sage green, or a nice lavender to choose from.  If all goes well with this - I may knit a relative a jumper for christmas (exciting no?)

In other news - I made a few other items over the May long weekend.

I made a jumpsuit that I was lusting after from the Great British Sewing Bee book, which is nice.  I should have cut it out in a size bigger (oh hey there boobs) - but I suppose I can always gift it to the...slightly lesser blessed individuals I know in my life (sister-in-law maybe after she's done giving birth/breastfeeding?)

I also made a new pair of jim-jams.  The lovely Carolyn Pajamas made an appearance in my life again - and I loooovvveeee them.   I am only not wearing them now, because I am at work.  I also had to take a break from wearing them as I needed to do some laundry, and thought they could do with being washed....

A note on the PJ's.  I was working through my stash of fabric, as I had picked up some smaller 1m pieces from the bargan bin somewhere - and I didn't know what to make them into.  Thankfully, they were the same pattern but in different colours, so I tried to make a coherent pair of PJs from them.  I needed a summer pair of nice jammy's, and the pattern squeezed out just enough to make these.

I also had some bias binding kicking about - but ran out after I did the collar on the top (I wanted to do some more on the sleeves, but alas...)

I've got lots of other things on the dock.

I need to finish hemming up the navy blue trousers I started a few weeks ago, and I have the material now for a wrap dress, a new blue checked button dress, some black trousers, and Tilly's new pattern is really really screaming my name, whispering to me in my sleep.

I want it.  I neeeeeeeed it.  But I'm trying to be on a budget.  My sewing "hobby" is not cheap.


It doesn't help that the name is almost like my favourite Disney mermaid character.


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