Sunday, February 1, 2015

The great power outage of 2015

Granted this great power outage only lasted an hour and a half today, it was rather interesting to see just how completely I rely on technology.

It was near to the point where it was getting dark, so I did use the last of the light to pack up my sewing machine and partially finished Granville Shirt (Pattern by Sewaholic).

To be honest, it was probably a good time for a break as I reached a point in the instructions I was struggling to grasp.  It's the point where I'm attaching the button band to the shirt front.  I thought I had it all figured out, and it waaaasss looking good, until I hit the point where I'm attaching the collar and interfacing to the top.  At this point the collar interfaces piece should be longer than my entire shirt is wide.

It's not.


I even pulled out a store bought shirt to see how this part is done.  It's still a mystery to me. And I think I'll just need to put this shirt on hold (I hate putting a half finished product on hold) and pick it up again this week.

Granted my picking it up is on the provision work isn't a basket case.

I guess now I'll return to my calm collected knitting world, binge on some more Good Wife (I've only just discovered this little number, thanks to a work colleague wanting to watch it all the time) and try not to think about that unfinished number sat on my sewing machine.

I may need to coax myself back by making another Coco.

Well.  Off I go to knit some cowls (or infinity scarves, whatever you want to call them).

Have I mentioned it's a lace pattern?! 

I'm not sure how much I'm enjoying this lace pattern...I'm sure it'll be beautiful though.



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