Thursday, February 12, 2015

The GBSB - Week 2

Kids Week.

I knew this week was going to happen.  They are often making sweet little pieces of clothing for their cute little children dummy forms.

My issue?  I don't have children!  My nephew (cutest thing in this world IMO) is half a world away.  Canada!  So anything I do make, I can't quite size on him, and will have to be shipped.

But, a goal is a goal.  So I am going to sew 1 item of clothing for him (the waistcoat), and then opt out of the 3D Sewing Challenge on the basis that I have already made him at least one 3D item.

I mailed out quite the collection of little crochet hats to him last week.  One of which, was a little baby deer, which has very 3D little antlers.

You can't deny it, he is cute!  He has also received a sock monkey hat, and an owl.  His new sibling (my sister in law is expecting a baby at the end of May) is in receipt of a lovely hippo hat.  My nieces/nephews will have an endless supply of hats and crocheted items.

All of the above were handmade lovingly by myself!  So i don't feel too guilty for opting out of the 3D sewing challenge.  If anything, I might make the little fella another hat, or possibly make a new hat (a Giraffe) for the newest gender unknown addition that is coming.  I mean, how cute is the hat! (I made one for a friend who was going to a baby shower).

See!  Cute!  And 3D!

I sell versions of these items and more on my Etsy Store

I've managed to make and sell Owls, Monkeys, Hippos, and Giraffes for people at work (so not through Etsy) and sell a Hippo and Monkey via Etsy.  There are something I love making.  They give such instant gratification, for which, I am a junky!

Anyway.  Back to the GBSB.

I need to make a waistcoat for my handsome nephew.  So...I will whip one up.  I might make a couple, maybe some less fancy ones than what they made on The GBSB.  I can't see the Nephew needing a fancy one anytime soon.  Since I am making this for him, and probably won't make another for a while (unless there is a wedding/baptism/anything) I did a quick Google search.  And found a free pattern for my waistcoat.

Now, I just need to grab some supplies and then we can be on our way!  Wahoo!

Just gotta grab some super fun Fat Quarters, and then I can make that cutie a lovely waistcoat!


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