Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh No She Didn't (snap snap snap)

Is it just me?  Or is anyone else wishing that instead of The GBSB airing one time per week, that it aired EVERYDAY!

It's probably just me.

It's also probably because I like to binge watch my favourite TV shows (why yes, I think I will demolish 3 seasons of The Good Wife in 2 weeks, thank you very much).

Well.  I am not-so-patiently waiting for this weeks episode of The GBSB, mostly because it will choose which patterns I sew up over the weekend.

In the meantime, I have to have things to work on to keep my hands busy (while watching The Good Wife), and have been not-so-diligently crocheting a new item of clothing.

I posted (on Instagram) the colours I'm working with for my new piece of crocheted goodness.  And I am actually looking forward to this being done, and able to wear.

Oooo pretty colours

And the above picture, is what the lovely pattern will end up being once it is all crocheted together.  Cute no?  Imagine it with a homemade button down top!  (To which I have the pattern from the lovely Sewaholic...well, if I ever master the button down that is).

I've also ordered the yarn (my poor stash is bursting at the seams) so that I can make myself a crocheted DRESS.  Insert happy clapping here!

Look how hipster she is reading a book on the cold hard floor while leaning up against the comfy couch with her massive specs and bright tights!  So what actually I ordered is not the bright orange.  Orange isn't my colour.  I went for Grey and then a blue highlight.  Blue is definitely my shade.  Although, I do have the hipster thick glasses, I will not be sitting on any floors where a comfy padded seat is available.  My terrible lower circulation means if I sat like that for more than....2 minutes, my lower legs would go all tingly and numb.  Pass.

I've also gone and invested in a couple of new patterns.  

One, I think will be super cute.  I lounge around all day (when I'm not at work dressed like a professional).  I like to lounge in pajamas (ask my hubbers, he is plenty familiar with my bright coloured pajama pants).  And I think maybe it would be nice, if while lounging in my comfy clothes, I wouldn't be a total embarrassment when answering the door.  I mean, a super cool as bright blue fleece trousers are with lots of little dancing penguins on them, I do get funny looks.  

Insert Carolyn Pajamas.  These look super classy.  Check out this blog post the creator of these pajamas did.  How classy are these different styles of pajamas.  If Ryan Gosling tells me I need these, then well, I need them.  

I might not be one to venture out into the world (or office) in a pair of PJs, but lounge around classily at home, yes I will do that.

The other pattern I purchased I did at the same time as my Carolyn Pajamas.  They are Ginger Jeans.

Does this intimidate me?  Totally.  Am I excited?  Definitely.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately for inspiration, and these jeans have come up again and again.  

And they look incredible, and, apparently, have magical butt properties.  They make everyone's butt look amaze.  I'm all into that.  I love a good butt.

Look at Lladybird's  fabulous pair.  Aren't they amazing?  Sallieoh made an incredible pair of jeans too, I mean, look at dat ass!  There are just so many great pairs.  This has the potential to be amazing.

Anyway - these are my two newest purchases, and I am looking forward to crafting them.  I have a feeling both will be essential.  Especially if, at work, they bring in Dress Down Friday every single Friday, rather than just a the end of the month.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed for that!


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