Friday, February 20, 2015

GBSB Week 3

Was anyone else in love with the 50's theme of the week?!

I was.

I felt sorry for the contestants having to sew items up on those old sewing machines.  That would be just enough to make me want to cry!

But what they sewed was so cute!  And I have been loving the 50's/60's/70's style of dress.  Well, some of the more timeless pieces, less the bell-bottom trousers that I have been seeing lately.

So what do I make?!  I need to make things to keep up with my making the items that the contestants make.

While I enjoy the idea of making a "Walkaway" type dress, I am not sure it would be wearable in my day to day life.  What I will do, is head down to C&H tomorrow to see if I can source a equally cute 50's themed pattern (wrap around of sorts) and make something similar .

These dresses are undeniably cute.  And I am imagining (at least in my head) that these are also comfortable.

Since I started sewing I have been slowly working my way away from pencil skirts and really tight fitting clothes.

The other item that was made was a blouse out of sheer type fabric.  While I have some of this in my stash (amazing right), I think I'm going to make the Mimi Blouse from Tilly & The Buttons book 

It is a super cute blouse and i have the best fabric for it.  I am rather excited.

Looking forward to my trip to town, and a good weekend of making items!



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