Friday, February 6, 2015


Oh, my, gosh!

The sales!

So I went to John Lewis to pick up some fabric for my lovely planned trousers and summer dress in the fashion of The Great British Sewing Bee, and the sales were incredible.

Beautiful fabric for only £4/meter?  Don't mind if I do!

So, on my lunch break, I took some time to dig out the patterns (that yes, I brought to work) so that I could write a shopping list of everything I needed.  I don't like to bring in the patterns (I don't know why), so I just wrote down all I needed.

For the trousers, I needed some iron on interfacing, an 8 inch invisible zip, and 1.25m of fabric (if it was 140cm wide).  Cools.

Purchased.  I'm branching out with patterns on my fabric these days.  It's very unlike my wardrobe.  My clothes are typically an ocean of black, navy blue, white, and plain solid colours.

So.  Here are my trouser fabrics without further delay

I do feel very brave!  I picked up my matching invisible zip (though still unsure why these are matching since they  

And then I had to choose a fabric for my Summer Dress.  AKA Simplicity K1699 pattern.  I went for another floral.  Darker, but lovely.

Isn't it lovely!  I actually cannot wait to sew the dress up.

I know my trousers are going to be easier, if only because some of the prep has been done.  I've made these once before, and so I have already traced and cut out the pattern pieces.  I'll have to get home, wash my fabric first thing, then hang it up on all my radiators to dry out.

Although, silly me.  When I was writing down all the items on my list, I ended up writing down the length requirements for a different item that is included in the pattern package.  The fabric requirements for a TOP!    Well, I'm no young thing anymore, and I like my dresses to fall just at my knee.  A peplum top is well above knee length.  I ordered 1.5m of the fabric, and I think the lady (who was quite new) gave me more like 1.8m.  The pattern calls for 1.6 so hopefully I will be able to scrape it through!  Cross your fingers for me.  Otherwise, I may only come out with a lovely little peplum top.

Anyway, lunch break is over - time to go back to the lovely world of income tax.  Boo.



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