Saturday, February 7, 2015

Damn Girl!

My workspace was a mess today!

But, in an effort to squeeze in a good sew, sometimes you need to make a mess.

This is a heavily doctored photo of me, home just after the "end of season" party!  We had a little awards ceremony, where people in the office voted and nominated people for awards.  My memademonday creations inspired an award for "best dressed female" in the office!  No pressure going forward! 

I'm the spirit of trying to follow along with GBSB I needed to make a pair of trousers and a dress of sorts.

I mentioned briefly about my fabric buying fiasco in an earlier post.  Turns out my fabric was 115cm wide, and I only got 160cm of it.  I'm hanging my head in shame! What a dummy I am!

Well. That lovely flower fabric will hang out in my stash.  I already have a plan for it.

So. Trousers.  The first thing I did when I woke up today is wash my fabric (arent I good) and then hung it up on a radiator to dry real quick.

Then the usual lay it out and cut it out ensued.

I was extra good cutting it flat with my rotary cutter and using my quilting squares as added weight.
Then out comes the carbon paper, tracing wheel, air soluble fabric pen (super cool, it disappears after 24-48 hours).  I've got my tailors chalk, but I didn't use it this time as I was too busy playing with my pen.

Marking away those darts.

Then sewing.

If anyone who isn't a sewer wanted to see, I took some pictures of my invisible zip foot.  It's what you use on a concealed zipper to get it to hide away, like it's just a seam.

Getting it out of my foot collection 

There it is!  Ready to be used.  I was a little slack on the photos after this.  Sewing trousers is actually easier than one would imagine.  And quite fun!  

These were all pre hemming the bottoms.

Damn girl!  Look at that butt! 

Well.  These are just great!  I cannot wait to rock them on Monday!

What about the dress you ask!

Well.  See fabric shopping fiasco.  I didn't make a new "summer dress" per say.  I did however make another Coco by Tilly & The Buttons (I can't hyperlink as I'm typing this all out on my iPhone from my bed).  It's lovely.  It's comfy!  This pattern is the best thing ever! 

Because this is my third (WHAT) Coco I didn't take a single picture of my sewing it up.  I've nailed this down to an hour and a half of sewing, from cutting to wearing.  

I have 2 Cocos that I can wear in public (see washing fabric before sewing item), and 1 Coco that's for house lounging slash bedtime only (the bottom of my bum cheeks peek out it shrunk so much since I didn't pre-wash).

In saying that.  I barely had the length for this Coco, I always buy the right amount, but maybe for any future knits I should get some extra yardage, in case of shrinkage.  Any thoughts on that?

So those are my two GBSB themed projects.  A pair of trousers, and a lovely knit dress (which I'm going to wear ice skating/bowling tomorrow).

I can't wait till next week!

While I'm working hard, I made a sale on my Etsy store for another Monkey Hat, so here's a little treat of a crochet project on the go!

Yes, from bed!  While watching The Good Wife.  


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  1. Nice to learn as you go (pre-wash scenario). But a bummer when it fails:( just wait until you are seam ripping and catch a crucial piece of fabric in the way, like the front of a sheer dress! Horrid!