Monday, February 16, 2015

Carolyn Pajamas

You guys!  I think I am one of the cutest/classiest lazy bums around!

I made this super cute (albeit a little tight) pair of Carolyn Pajamas

This photo was taken before I hemmed the top, and before I added the additional piping and end to the sleeves

After adding the sleeve details and hemming the bottom of the shirt!

I learned SO many new things making these.

I followed this blog post  and some scrap fabric I had from making my (not yet finished) Granville Shirt to make my own bias tape and my own piping (see little rope above).  That was neat!

I also played around with some of the feet for my machine.  I sewed on a button with my machine

Needless to say, although it was fun, I either need to read more instructions on this, or ... something, as 3 out of the 5 buttons i machined on popped off before by the next day (and yes, I did wear these to bed the same night I finished them).

I would still be wearing them now, but my husband thinks I need to look nice as we've got potential buyers to come view the flat (we aren't selling the flat, our landlords are).

Anyway, I re-sewed (by hand) the lost buttons, and secured the other two buttons.

I also made 2 sacrifices to the Sewing Gods.  A button, and a needle.  

Before you ask, These were separate incidents.  The needle broke a good 10 minute after the button.

What a sad day - bye by needle.  I guess that is one way of getting me to change needles after a project.

I am really happy with these pj's.  And I think I should be.  I was very careful cutting it out, I laid it all out on my floor, following the lay out pattern included in the instructions, and cut with a matt and my rotary cutter (which i think also needs a new blade).  

You can see the scissors, but they are just there as a paper weight (don't think I'm telling tall tales).

I did this all in my bedroom while binging on The Good Wife (addicted much?)

The pattern says these can be made in quilting cotton.  Do you know what that means guys?!  Super FUN patterns!  As in....pattern on cloth!  Quilting cotton always has the FUNNEST things printed on it.  So while I plan on making some more classy pj's.  I also plan on making some FUN pjs.  This way, I can clear out more of my closet of some of the ratty icky old oversized not nice teeshirts I save for bedtime wear.

Believe it or not, I actually dragged Husband along to do this fabric shopping trip.  He (almost) helped picking out the fabric for these, but then definitely helped picking out the thread and all other items.  He also picked out this...

In the spirit of doing more sewing (which I love), and entering more contests (which is fun, and I recently won tickets to The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show) I think I am going to enter this.  I am going to think really long and hard on what to make, and not rush this one.  I rushed a sewing contest before, and I don't think it did me many favours.  So.  Slow and steady, thoughtful sewing for this lovely competition.



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