Friday, February 13, 2015

3 Things I Never Thought I Would Sew

When I first started sewing, I knew I wanted to make my own clothes.  I knew I wanted to have things that fit me, and that were unique to me.

Too many times, I had arrived to work in my corporate office wearing either the identical thing, or something very similar to a colleague.  Either it meant I had great taste in clothing, or it meant I had the taste of a lemming (aka just following the crowd).

In my mind I thought there were going to be 3 key things that I might never actually sew.

1) Bras and Panties.

Why?  I don't know.

Well - thats a lie - bras seem so crazily intricate and detailed and just something that might not be something I could make.  Panties.  It was a possibility.  They seemed easy enough.  4 Pieces of slightly stretchy fabric sewn together.

2) Tights and Leggings

Again, the stretch, the fact that when you buy these RTW (ready to wear, yes I had to google that acronym) they come as one piece.  I never knew you could sew tights.

Leggings, well, although I knew they came sewn up, like a normal pair of trousers would, but tight.

3) Jeans

Sewing Jeans just sounds so....intense doesn't it?  And scary.  But then, when you buy RTW, someone sews them up right?  Someone has to put them together and stitch them up.  It's not done by magical machines (I know this), so it should be totally possible shouldn't it?

They are just so, technical!  All that top stitching.  And zippers.  And Buttons.  Wowzers.

This week, I spent money on 3 new patterns.

Granted, I spent money on a classy pair of pajamas this week.

But, I have actual sewing patterns for a Bra and Panties set, a leggings/tights set, AND now jeans.

Can you actually imagine?

I can't.

I also can't wait to start!


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