Friday, January 9, 2015

There is too much goodness in the world

So, now that I have fully flexed my creative making muscles, I need to start doing a little more planning, and narrow down what I want to make and have in my wardrobe.

I started reading a lot of information on having capsule wardrobes.  This is the idea where you have a smaller amount of clothes, but the clothes you do have are able to mix and match with various things (I always think of Gok when I think capsule wardrobes, where at the end of his TV show he would reveal the wardrobe he's picked out for the individual hanging from the ceiling).  Anyway - I've come to the conclusion that this is ideal.  I need a few key pieces that I really love, and will build my wardrobe around this.

So - what am I going to make.

1. Francoise Dress - Tilly & The Buttons

I really adore the fit of this dress, it is fitted where I want my dresses to fit, and flares where I want my dress to flare!  The length on my first trial run on this dress was also amazing.  I've decided I want to make another!  I've ordered some lovely royal blue material, with some black contrasting.  I am going to play with the yolks and sleeves and hopefully come out with something extra nice.  This is a dress style I can see me having more of.

Super classy toilet selfie

2. Granville Shirt - Sewaholic

I'm sorry - has anyone seen how absolutely beautiful this shirt is?!  It is beyond perfect for my current lifestyle - by lifestyle I mean working in an office job where dressing "business causal" (what is that anyway) is my Monday to Friday scene.  Saturday and Sunday are obviously spent mostly in pajamas, but when I'm not in pj's this is the perfect pattern that can be used in a comfy cozy fabric, like super soft denim, or super soft plaid.  Also - if I make it in plaid - it would be oh-so-Canadian - AND the designer is based in Canada (I paid for this design in CAD) - you know.
3. Burda Style Seamed Turtleneck Jersey Top

Something about this top draws me to it.  Maybe it's the freezing atmosphere in the office (AC overload), or the shape, or the fact that it will tuck into all my skirts.  Either way or.  It's being added.

4. Burda Style Petite Trousers

There was a brief period last year, where "cropped trousers" were very stylish.  This was excellent for me.  As the typical woman's cropped trousers are my short legs normal length trousers.  Well - now that I'm sewing my own clothes, I can pick what length I want my trousers to be in!


5. Tilly & The Buttons Delphine Skirt

This is from the beautiful Love at First Stitch book.  I've made two of these (one in corduroy that is...okay....and another lovely one in spotted cotton that I need to add a lining to).  I've got fabric for another one in my cupboard which I'm looking forward to cutting into.  I will definitely need to line this baby, and will pick some of that up this weekend.

I don't have a picture of one I've made - so you'll have to look at the creation Tilly made herself (granted, mine won't be red)

6. Burda Style Shirt Dress

There is something that I feel to be really lovely and classy about a button down shirt dress.

This is one thing that I am definitely looking forward to making!

7.  Watson Bra and Bikini

To be fair - this isn't something I'll be "mixing and matching" for the entire world to see - but it will allow me to continue to sew and be creative without taking over the space in our 1 bed flat.

Again, not something I've had the opportunity to sit down and make - so enjoy a picture of the product from the seller of the pattern.

So this is my upcoming makes to keep me busy for at least the next month or two.

Being that I work full time Mon-Friday in an office - the weekends are my big chance to sit down and work on a project.

I also plan on starting to knit and crochet more as well (more knitting, as I have been crocheting quite a lot).

I managed to finish my yellow crochet jumper, but I feel it looks a little big...I'll do another post on this separately.  It may be relegated to my "when I get pregnant" pile, as it looks like it would be a good maternity top (if you catch my drift).


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