Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sew what happens when...

See what I did there.  Pun in the title.

I needed to head into C&H Fabrics this weekend to get some lining fabric for a skirt I wanted to make with some REALLY luxurious fabric I found in the bargain bin.  So, off I went to grab some liner.  And I saw all these lovely fabrics on sale for 50% off, thats right....50% off!!  So I bought some fabric.   And a zipper, and some thread (obviously).

Pretty, right?  I decided to be a bit more adventurous on this one, pick a fabric with a print!  Scary ;)

I'm sure you all know which book I chose when deciding on a dress.  Tilly!  I made the final dress from her little book.  The Lilou dress.

So, without adieu, here it is!

 The obligatory look I actually did make it sewing picture (with my beautiful jamberry nails, you're welcome).
 Partway through construction....
 Topless me!  I tell you its really hard taking solo photos with my iphone
 So I moved onto the fancy mirror selfies!
 Front and side...
New location for the mirror.

I wore the dress today (Sunday) while cleaning for a little bit, and I felt like a really glam 50's housewife.  I love this dress.  I need to find a lovely red cardigan to pop on top so I can wear this beauty to work (as its still too cold to wear this thing without a cardigan anywhere outside my house).

And as for the other item I wanted to make.  I got too distracted to take photos during the actual make of it, so I can't glamour you all with pictures of me cutting and sewing (or even lining, I LINED a skirt guys!)  Since I lined it I know it won't get stuck on my tights at work (bonus) cos I love tights, and I love thick tights for work.  I'll take the obligatory mirror selfie so you can see the skirt on, but here it is on my newly cleaned floor.

The fabric was 2 sided/reversable. I can't quite construct anything that is reversable (where do the seams go?!) So I chose the side that was a bit more...out there.  As you can see it has lovely shades of blue, grey, black, and there are little flecks of gold in there too.  I love this skirt, and can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow!!