Monday, January 5, 2015

My date with Tilly

Another Sunday, another date with Tilly and my sewing machine.

I took her beautiful book out of my little sewing cubbyhole, grabbed the fabric I had waiting to make the dress, and started in on the Megan Dress.

The beauty of most of the Tilly items I've made (the exception being the Margot Pajama Pants) - is they are all work suitable when made in the right colour of material.  And since I am there 5 days a week - this is super ideal for me.

So, it was time to get down to work, I laid out the pattern on my lovely floor work surface, pulled out my lovely pink highlighter (to highlight which line I needed to trace) and laid out my tracing paper.  Let me just start by saying tracing paper is a miracle.  I love it.  I need more of it.  Before (for the skirt and pj trousers, I was using standard A4 printer paper to trace through, see you later eyesight).  Now - its a dream.

It also helps that it was daylight when I started the tracing.

Then it was onto laying the pattern pieces onto the fabric, using my fancy tailors carbon and imprint wheel, and then doing my fancy "grown up" cutting with my matt and circular cutter.

Next, onto pinning and sewing.

I really need to get my jamberries onto my fingers, so that I can have prettier nails when I take these sewing and crocheting pictures.  Because let's face it, pretty fingers are the best (and jam's never flake, also ideal, as I am a human that uses her nails like the tools they are).

Things that make me proud of this dress.  I did gathers on the shoulders of the dress.  Hello feminine and pretty.  This involves sewing three lines across the top of the shoulder piece, then sticking a pin in the center, and then basically pulling and scrunching the fabric towards the pin until you get the desired scrunched up bit.  After that, you simply sew over the top to ensure this holds its shape.

The dress also had more darts than I've done before, and I also tried it on as I was going and made a few adjustments.  For example, I needed to slim the dress down by maybe 1.5cm on each side (probably more like 2cm).  Which is a pretty big deal, when the dress also allows for a 1.5cm seam allowance.

I think the next time I make the dress I might elongate the top portion of the dress a teeny tiny bit.  This will allow the waist hem to sit lower, and then I could probably get away with wearing a belt with the dress.  Right now, my skinny belts don't do the dress any favours.

I wore it to work today, and got a few compliments (so it can't be too bad), and it looked lovely under a cardigan (as my office is always about -10 degrees).  Sorry, not sorry I left my scarf on - it was chilly!

So - without denying you the pleasure of the dress any more - here it is (in all its iphone picture glory).  And yes - that is a bathroom selfie - but the light is great, and I can stand a decent length away from the mirror to get an actual picture!

 Let me know what you think!


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