Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Days

Ten actual days have passed since my last blog post.

How can that actually be?!

To be fair - I feel I owe myself a little break, I am a tax adviser you know, and in the UK it is our "busy season".

Granted I am one usually preaching about the office how we don't have one specific "busy season" as what tends to happen is once we get all our tax returns filed for 31 January it turns into "billing season" where we scramble to get our bills out for all those returns we did, then its "STBV season", then "Modified PAYE season", then "P11D" season, then guess what....we're back into ramping up for our next so called "busy season".

Sounds fun doesn't it?

So...what have I done in the last ten days.

Well, I took my new dress on it's first outing.  Wore that beauty to work.  I had to buy new shoes though to wear it (such a shame right....), as I don't have any navy blue, red, silver, or green shoes.  So I grabbed myself a pair of shoes from Accessorize in the Reading train station that were on sale for £13 (bargain!).

ooooo sparkly!

Here I am posing creepily in the toilets at work....but the lighting is bright, and the mirror is well positioned.


Anyway.  The dress is a resounding success.  Its comfortable on, even though its fitted.  And there's enough room for me to chow down on lunch without feeling like a complete fatty in a tight dress.

I can honestly say - I will most likely make another Lilou.  Thank you again Tilly for some great patterns!

So after that lovely outing, I was scheduled to have a visit out to Winchester from my dearest buddy.  I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to actually make anything over the weekend, as she was coming for an overnight stay.  SLEEPOVER! I haven't had a sleep over in a good long time.

It was great.

But I was also really wanting to make something.  So I did what any sane person would do.  I looked at all my new fabric, then I laid on it a little.


Buddy was scheduled to arrive Saturday ... sometime.  So in the morning I thought I might trace out a pattern...that was okay right?  Baby steps here.  So I traced out a pattern for some lovely new trousers.  And then I also cut the fabric out.  It was pretty, and I have an addiction okay?!

 you can see the tips of my incredibly awesome unicorn slippers here....
who doesn't want a pair of plaid trousers?! (stretchy material too)

Well, Buddy came over, and we had a really great time.  We ate too much food, binged on some terrible love movies on Netflix, then slept in.

Here we are chilling with our feet up on the blow up mattress set up for Buddy (me with my Tilly made pajama trousers on, comfortable, yes, made for my stumpy legs so they don't drag everywhere, also yes).


Buddy left Sunday early afternoon.  What's a girl to do with a Sunday other than finish off her Trousers?!

Thankfully my newly mastered skills of trouser sewing (see pajama pants above), and zip inserting (see ALL other Tilly dresses), means that these new Burda Trousers of mine were a breeze.  And bonus, they fit my bum (a couple of girls complimented me on this at work, this means the trousers are a win).

Here's my terrible photo taking...

Some of my friends at work have come to know Monday as the debut day.  The day I come to work in the item (or items) I made over the weekend.  I call it my Me-Made-Monday.  All of this hopefully ramping up to Me-Made-May that I hope to participate in for 2015.

After a particularly trying day on Tuesday, I wipped out Tilly's Coco Pattern, highlighted the smaller size (the last one I made was too big....but makes for an incredibly comfortable weekend lazing I also failed to pre-wash my first Coco dress and it shrunk right up to my bum).  And made one of these for a jaunt into work on Wednesday (today!)

This is possibly the softest fabric i have ever had the pleasure of owning, or wearing.  And I snapped it up from John Lewis on SALE kids!  I think it was only £9 per meter.

Well, this dress went down a storm, and I got complimented by a STRANGER.  That rarely happens.
That is my adventures of the last ten days.

Oh.  I should mention.  I passed my final CTA exam, the results were released today.  Now I can officially say I'm a Chartered Tax Adviser.  Chartered kids, that's crazy.

Although of recent many of my "taxy" friends have said my talents are wasted on tax...and I should be sewing full time.  One day...maybe!


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