Thursday, July 9, 2015

Completed - Ginger Jeans

I have been a little remiss on the blogosphere.  But I like to think I've got some solid reasons

1) sewing took over my life for a little bit
2) work - oh-my-gosh - working towards a promotion is HARD ya'll
3) I went to Canada for a month
4) I joined the gym, because knitting/crocheting/sewing and work is making me a little...soft

Those are three pretty solid things, at least I like to think. And I mean really - it is HARD to balance work (and the commute), plus gym, plus sleeping like a normal person, and then adding in knitting and sewing!  (Also, OITNB, I need a binge)!

I think in one of my very first blog posts I said something about things I'll never make are underwear, tights, and jeans.

I made some Ginger Jeans though.  Yea I did!  Can I get a little Whoop!!!

These are ah-maz-ing.  If the blogosphere hasn't said it enough, let this little fact sink in - I made these, and then I wore them on an airplane, for a 8.5 hour flight.  On an airplane folks.  Normally airplanes are sweatpant/pj territory, but I wore the old Gingers.

Also - I am so damn proud of them, I wore them in the family photo session I had in Canada with my family!

Tamminga Family - Veroni Photography

Can I just say that if you are in the Calgary/Cochrane area, you 1,000% need to check out Veroni Photography. I kid you not. She is amazing. I know my sister-in-law, brother, and their children are normally adorable/super cute - but her photographs are amaze.

I guess those are the final version of the jeans.  

These jeans were actually loads of fun to make as well.  It took a bit of basting, lots of thread changing (as I'm one of the people that have only 1 machine).  

Basted on - fitting pretty good!

Sewing Progress

All Finished!

So - what's on my plate now?

So many things
1) still knitting away at my stripped jumper
2) started knitting a new cropped short sleeved jumper
3) started knitting a NEW also cropped short sleeved wrap jumper (for the outfit-a-long)
4) started tracing out a new pattern
5) ordered fabric and pattern for the outfit-a-long

Gosh.  Too many things.  I need to sit down and finish some items!


Monday, May 11, 2015

So many titles - so many REVEALS (Jumpers, Jumpsuits, and Carolyn Pajamas take 2)

So, the name of this blog is Sew, Knit, Crochet....and you've seen sewing (most definitely has taken over), you've even seen a bit of crochet (animal hats, and a skirt still in progress), but where or where is the knit?

I'm not going to lie.  I really like sewing because of the instant gratification thing.  I also like crochet because I feel like it builds up really quickly - or at very least I can make a hat in an evening.  Knitting.  Well, with knitting I feel like it really takes a long time.  Maybe because in the past I've used really thin yarn.  Who knows.

What I do know, is I've wanted my very own knitted jumper for a long time now.  I've seen quite a few patterns that I really adore, but have been too scared to pick up my knitting needles to give them a go.

Well, fear no longer.  I have spent the last weekend knitting, and I have 2 arms to show for it.

It really came down to the fact that I have a huge yarn stash - I bought a lot of lovely chunky yarn around Christmas time when I wanted to crochet the family some slippers.  I started the slippers, and made nearly 1, but it was so crooked.  I'm talking...super crooked.  And I took it apart, and tried again, alas, still crooked.  So I ended up parking the slipper idea.  Which meant I parked the yarn.

What was I going to do with all that yarn (not to mention the many...many other projects that are parked in the crochet/knit queue).  I went on Ravelry, and gave a search for the type of yarn I had, and saw if there were any projects that kind of matched.

Enter Nautical Pullover in Lion Brand Homespun (minus the lion brand yarn, as I had Deramores Vintage Chunky Yarn).

I'm pretty proud of my tension, and happy so far with the results.  It's fairly basic - I will admit, but as I have actually knitted very few items (a hat, a scarf, a bunch of washcloths, and teapot warmer) - this is pretty much a big deal for me.  I don't really count scarfs or dishcloths, as they are literally little squares/long rectangles, and take very little...skill?  I don't mean to say knitting itself isn't a skill, but there is no shaping, and very few details in the patterns I have chosen, and also no colour changes.

Not too shabby amirite?!  I also didn't go for the typical cream and navy blue.  Mostly because I had cream and either this sage green, or a nice lavender to choose from.  If all goes well with this - I may knit a relative a jumper for christmas (exciting no?)

In other news - I made a few other items over the May long weekend.

I made a jumpsuit that I was lusting after from the Great British Sewing Bee book, which is nice.  I should have cut it out in a size bigger (oh hey there boobs) - but I suppose I can always gift it to the...slightly lesser blessed individuals I know in my life (sister-in-law maybe after she's done giving birth/breastfeeding?)

I also made a new pair of jim-jams.  The lovely Carolyn Pajamas made an appearance in my life again - and I loooovvveeee them.   I am only not wearing them now, because I am at work.  I also had to take a break from wearing them as I needed to do some laundry, and thought they could do with being washed....

A note on the PJ's.  I was working through my stash of fabric, as I had picked up some smaller 1m pieces from the bargan bin somewhere - and I didn't know what to make them into.  Thankfully, they were the same pattern but in different colours, so I tried to make a coherent pair of PJs from them.  I needed a summer pair of nice jammy's, and the pattern squeezed out just enough to make these.

I also had some bias binding kicking about - but ran out after I did the collar on the top (I wanted to do some more on the sleeves, but alas...)

I've got lots of other things on the dock.

I need to finish hemming up the navy blue trousers I started a few weeks ago, and I have the material now for a wrap dress, a new blue checked button dress, some black trousers, and Tilly's new pattern is really really screaming my name, whispering to me in my sleep.

I want it.  I neeeeeeeed it.  But I'm trying to be on a budget.  My sewing "hobby" is not cheap.


It doesn't help that the name is almost like my favourite Disney mermaid character.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Me Made May 2015

I feel like anyone who is reading a sewing blog will have stumbled across So Zo What Do You Know who puts on Me-Made-May each year.

As this is the first year I've actually started sewing (yaa me) - I have been amping up for this experience since I found out about it.

I already do MeMadeMonday - which was inspired by the fact that most of my sewing gets done over the weekend - and then I'm usually so besotted with what I've freshly made that it gets its first real world outing the Monday after I've sewn it.

So what does Me Made May 2015 hold for this fledgling sewer/blogger. Well - big things I guess.


'I, Jenna of Sew, Knit, Crochet - Hooray, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear something either I have knit/sewn/crocheted, or that someone has lovingly made for me - each day for the duration of May 2015. I hope to expand my capsule wardrobe so that this experiment of mine becomes a set of timeless classics that can continue each month, so that one day, I do have the me-made-wardrobe I truly lust after.'

Big breathes kids - it's going to be a challenge. Hopefully one that allows me to REALLY see what store bought items I don't necessarily need - so why am I clinging onto them like they are some sort of precious possession. I also think - this will be good - it will let me really see if what I want to make for my capsule wardrobe is ACTUALLY something that I need.

Wish me luck, I am gonna nail this :)



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delinquency at it's worst

I have had that guilty little niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I need to UPDATE MY BLOG!

I have been incredibly delinquent in doing this - and I apologize.

Reasons?  I have a few

The age old reason I've given before - I'm a tax advisor by day - which means I have very distinct and very busy periods that tend to come and go through the year with various deadlines.  January 31 is the tax return deadline, sure - but the fiscal year technically ends April 4th here in the UK - which means I had to do a whole load of payroll and calculations, and all sorts of muck.  It's also tax exam season, which means my little army of helpers have abandoned me at work to study.  This means I'm doing the work that is typically spread across 6 people mostly by myself.  Wah wah wah - there is that sob story.

I was also off on a fancy schmancy conference for work.  Less fancy schmancy - more fun.  It was in Brighton, and was a lovely two day period where I could just kind of sit back and listen to the company plans, and then socialize (and get far too drunk) with my colleagues.  Of course with my totally shit super amazing immune system, all this fun, socialization and general not being cooped up in my house away from every and all germs, meant right after I was struck down with the lurgey.  Of course it always hits me the worst Friday evening when I get home from I was out for a weekend, and then also a few weekdays.

Here's the view from my room on the conference:

 Another great reason is the lovely new season that has recently hit the UK (and most of the Western world).  Spring Hayfever Season!  That feeling of eyes being so itchy you would love to claw them out, waking up after a day in the sunshine feeling like somethings sat on your chest, itchy throat, runny nose feeling.  Yeah - I get those.  Yeah, they suck.  It's like having a perma-cold.  You can't sleep the whole night as invariably  your allergy medication wears off sometime around 2 or 3 which means you can't breath through your nose which means you wake up extraordinarily early due to dry mouth (ick, TMI).  I had that.

There is relief in sight.  I headed to the doctors on Monday and got my arsenal of allergy medications.  Not the over-the-counter shit that makes you drowsy during the day and stops working in the middle of the night.  But proper by prescription only medication that took me seeing a specialist in tears to get (it is really truely amazing what a constant bunged up nose will do to someones sanity).  I am on day 2 of my new (not new, but newly implemented for the current hayfevery season) and I can say - that I was on my game today at work.  Which must mean I had a good nights sleep.  I can say, when I did wake up today, my nose was clear (miracle), my eyes didn't itch me like crazy, and I felt like I actually (gasp) SLEPT!

So - in light of the above - I've made very, VERY little progress on my capsule wardrobe plans.  So...what have I done in the past....month and week?  I have sewn up a lovely, nay, GORGEOUS Davie Dress by none other than the Sewaholic.  I had this Ponte Knit in my stash (can I call having 2 or 3 fabrics in my house a stash?) that I had planned on using to make a long sleeved turtleneck somethingoranother from Burda.  But I dreaded tracing out that pattern, and I dreaded looking at the non-existent instructions, and Sewaholic released the Davie Dress - which is my IDEAL shape.  Fit and flare - check.  Made from some stretch fabric - oh gosh yes please.  So I ordered it and printed that damn PDF, cut cut tape tape, and SQUEEZED (literally squeezed as I only had roughly 1.6m of my fabric) the Davie Dress pieces onto the fabric and sewed this beauty up.

Apologies again for the disgusting bathroom photos.  I need to get a nice tripod/camera/handhold button thingy.  I found a great little bit of greeny AT my flat to take pictures at.  Either that or rope my poor husband into taking pictures of me.......

So - here are some photos....

Playing with my SUPER fun giant foot (to help the fabric not move around while sewing as it was stretchy)

Hanging on the wardrobe

Sketchy bathroom picture of me wearing it

I also had a lovely memademonday where I broke out some trousers I already made - they are very Spring colourful and I still love them (and they fit better than I remembered)

I also played around with some boxes of hair-dye.  I recently went dark brunette, and REALLY started to miss my blonde locks.  I always want what I can't have till I get it, then I want whatever I gave up to have it back...and I wanted to be back as a blonde lady.

Here's the intermittent results of that experiment (not too bad - I'll need to recruit in a professional to help me get it fully done - as I went from Dark Chestnut brown to this in a matter of 2 days)

No - my hair isn't curly naturally - but I bought a curling wand, and with all new toys I just wanted to play.

I also made (but have not photographed) an item from that ever-illusive capsule wardrobe.  I made a pair of navy blue cigarette trousers (similar to the ones photographed above).  I haven't actually taken a picture because I was hemming the bottom, being oh so careful as I hand-stitched to make sure the stitches weren't visable on the outside of the trousers, to get to the end and realised the whole bit (granted just the ONE leg I attempted) was crooked....waaaahhh - so I'll have to cut (seam rip) those stitches out and re-do that.

I was happy that I tried them on - and adjusted the inside seam on the legs, and the outside seam on them too - pre-finishing up.  They were much too large - I think the stretch of the fabric contributed to that - but I am not one that is keen on the baggybum trousers, so I took them in by probably a cm each side....rather a large adjustment on inside and outside seams!  I'll finish them off and get them posted.

I also recieved some faaabbrrriiic this weekend. had a sale on their Jersey fabrics, and dreaming of that wrap dress I placed an order.  It's a lovely blue colour, and sooooooooo soft (drooling here) - I cannot wait to get that done up!

I also have been day dreaming about an inspiration pattern that I saw - and took the opportunity to order it.

I'll be making the pattern on the left (stealing the pocket design from the dress on the right).  Just tell me I won't look like I'm wearing a table cloth ;)

What. A. Post.

I think I'm all caught up on my recent makings.  I'm still only 3/4 done my crochet skirt (see the red/yellow/purple crochet skirt from prior posts).  I've also decided I want to knit a nautical themed jumper from my yarn stash (I actually have about 50 balls of yarn languishing in my cupboard now) - so will need to find my needles to start on this.  

I'll try to be more regular - I've got a few things planned for this long weekend in the UK.  A jumpsuit (ohhh yesss), a pair of black cigarette trousers, the wrap dress....and even GINGER JEANS!!  I did buy the fabric, just need a few deep breathes before I begin.

What's in your queue?


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Planning My Sewing - Capsule Wardrobe

Does anyone plan their sewing?  Do they just see a pattern they like and jump into a project?  Is anyone else nervous about having a closet so full of clothes it will burst based purely on pattern love alone?

I've had quite the fun weekend of reading (and a little bit of work if I'm honest) and taken a weekend off from sewing.

Alongside this - I've been reading the Wardrobe Architect series on The Coletterie  as they look to pare down the wardrobes and create a set of garments that work as a set to be interchangeable and classic.


That is a word I really want to have define my wardrobe.

So after having a good read of Gok's book - defining some really classic pieces, having a look at my other new books (granted May Martin's is really a book about technique for me) - I'm going to have a good plan on my new wardrobe.

So what have I "narrowed" it down to?

  • 3 Classic White Blouses - 1 normal button up, 1 pussy bow, 1 sleeveless
  • 1 Classic Jean Shirt
  • Cigarette Trousers - 1 dark pair, 1 light coloured pair
  • Jeans - I've always been keen on skinny
  • Cardigan
  • 2 Blazers - 1 Dark/Black, 1 Light/Grey
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Full Skirt
  • Classic Tee
  • Dresses - Fit & Flare Dress, Wrap Dress, Button Down Dress
  • Classic Mac

Not too bad.  Now I need to "plan my sewing".  

Have a close look at what I want in my wardrobe versus the patterns I want/need.

Blouse Patterns

Granville blouse - Classic Button Up - Classic Jean Shirt too (in a lovely Chambray)

Cigarette Trousers

I've already got a great trouser pattern, Burda 7058


Well...come on guys...obvs this is going to be the Ginger Jeans.

Anyone who's looked on pretty much ANY sewing blog has probably seen something about these jeans, or possibly underpants...these things have become SUPER popular.


This may be a  category that remains blank for now - if anyone has any inspiration they want to pass on, I am happy to receive it.  I may also need to pick up my knitting needles/crochet hook and make my own, in a more, knitted/crochet manner.  Or I'll keep my eyes peeled on a lovely cardigan pattern that will make my heart sing.


I've got a couple of options on this one.  Two of my recent Burda magazines have lovely Blazer patterns in them

From the 3/2015 Magazine (though I wouldn't make it in any sort of animal print...)

Plus I've recently made the Cordova Jacket which I think would look good in some plain fabrics.

Pencil Skirt

I would have to be a fool if I didn't plan on making the lace pencil skirt included in the Fashion with Fabric book, wouldn't I?  I is a lovely look!

Full Skirt

Again, I have a few options for this one.  I might make a few plain coloured Delphine skirts, which can be found in Tilly & The Buttons book Love at First Stitch.

The best example is on the front of Tilly's book

I've also picked up The Hollyburn Skirt

Classic Tee

That is a lovely Raglan top, the one I have picked out.  SUPER duper cute.

This, I am imagining will come in one of two forms.

Another pattern that you can't read any blog out there and miss out on is the Linden. Now, I don't own this one yet, but I can see it becoming part of my stash of classic patterns.  It looks super cute.

The other item pattern I can see this being (at the moment), is the Coco Top, again, by Tilly (seriously look at the link, and just TELL me how cute her tops are).  I have 3 dresses in this same pattern (1 has been relegated as I mentioned before) to a "in-house" only category (sooo short, and I accidentally got a few drops of bleach on it..oops) - so really I feel like I have 2 presentable dresses from this pattern.

Anyway, it comes with a SUPER cute option to shorten it.  And shorten it I shall (eventually).


Well - I have a PLETHORA of patterns to choose from in this little category.  I am going to go down the route of a classic wrap dress FO SHO.  I mean, they are beautiful.  They hug a ladies curves, and hello - they are usually made from Jersey, can we say comfortable!

The book my lovely friend M bought for me has a classic wrap dress pattern in it.  Yeah it does.  That would be The Little Black Dress book in the picture above.  Yes please.

I also have a few (3) button down dresses to choose from in my pattern stash.  The one that probably takes top place is the McCalls 7084 Dress (apologies for the TERRIBLE picture I stole off the interwebs).

But what about the fit and flare dress?  Well.  I found a SUPER pattern.  By Sewaholic (again).  But its in knit fabric - again, how comfortable?!

Classic Mac

Undecided if I am going to delve into the waterproof outerwear makers department.  As such, I haven't necessarily kept my eyes open for any particular patterns.  I may need a think on this (or again, inspiration from the masses).

As you can see - I've created quite the list of work for myself.  But in making these things, I do believe I am making to create a beautiful lovely capsule wardrobe, that will remain classic and timeless.  Something I can enjoy for a long while.  And things I would really go out and purchase myself, if I didn't know I had it in me to make them.

I will keep posting as progress, but I think I am going to streamline my makes into making myself a lovely capsule classic wardrobe.

But do tell me, do you have anything that inspires you.  Do you have a driving force for sewing?  Has anyone thought of doing a capsule wardrobe sewn by themselves?  Or have I just been bitten by a Gok Wong/ Spring Cleaning bug?