Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sewing Adventures #SewingFranciose Contest

I can't remember for the life of me how I stumbled across this person, or her book, but it is the little spark of fun that I needed to make me want to start sewing.

I actually think seeing the book made me go out and get my sewing machine within the week (having justified it with the husband as my joint Birthday/Christmas of the few exceptions I'll make for a "slashie").

Well the blog announced it was running a sewing contest.  It was easy enough to enter (I've just sent my email).  All you needed to do was make a Franciose Dress before midnight December 14th 2014.  Well...I did it! As I've said in my facebook/instagram posts #SewingFrancoise

I took some extra pains to remember to photograph my whole experience...all starting on a lovely Friday evening, with of course, some home made Mulled Wine (you match my home made dress making).


Well I started to assemble the pattern, after some painstaking cutting (I opted to print out the pattern via a printer rather than wait for a beautiful professional print), I realised (foolishly) that I had the sizing on the printer wrong.  Doh!  Unfortunately it was late Friday by this time, as I wasn't able to sneak off from work early that day....poo.  Bed time.

Saturday morning, I had some errands to run, and house cleaning to do.  So while the house was cleaned I reprinted the pattern, and from there I re-cut, and re-taped the thing together!!

Well, after all that was done, I picked out a lovely grey fabric I had bought the week before (it was in the pile of leftover fabrics, and it was lush).  Laid it out on my lovely floor (the table just isn't big enough), pinned it and cut cut cut!

Gosh.  Well once that was done - it was onto sewing.  Pinning and sewing!

Believe it or was late Saturday evening by this point.  Maybe this is why Tilly made the dress over the scope of more than a week on her blog...not just on a weekend whim.

Sunday morning...

Some lovely earl grey in my mug, onto the next steps of making the dress!

So, I sewed and sewed and...oh...I ran out of thread.  And its a Sunday....its a good thing it's near Christmas and C&H Fabrics is open today!  Off I went into town (chilly)

Grabbed some thread, oh, and some really nifty buttons (they are super pretty)

And got back on the job.  Thankfully, all I needed to do to finish the dress off is add the collar, add some interfacing, insert the invisible zip (yes Mom, I can do invisible zips too), and do the hems!  Easy.

Yes, you can squeal.  It's super cute.  Yes, also, those are darts.  I did darts.  Darts, sleeves and an invisible zipper.  You might think I've been doing this my whole life, not a matter of weeks.  Well, don't worry guys, its just as cute on.
 excuse the double chin, no one likes taking photos from below....

And finally, as my sweet nephew would say when any camera is pointed at him.... CHEEEEEEEEEESEEE


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