Monday, December 29, 2014

Pre Christmas Makes in a Post-Christmas Post

I found it incredibly difficult not to post a lovely blog about the things I was making in the run up to Christmas, but they were mostly gifts!  And I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

So, now that the gifts have been opened, and everyone has their presents, I can finally write a post without the fear of being a surprise "ruiner".

I've created quite a few I suppose I'll start with the Sewing items (since they appear in the blog name first).

So - for the two "newest" additions to my family life (my lovely mother-in-law and sister-in-law) I whipped up a couple of lovely snoods.  I found lovely fabric, and some sweet little embellishments to add.

They were super fun to make up, and I (personally) love the added lace and flower embellishment!

Next, I had some really soft chunky yarn in my stash that I have been trying to find a project for, and I finally found it!

I knitted up my brother-in-law's girlfriend a lovely little hat (just in time too, I would think, as the weather is finally getting any degree of cold now).

I can tell you this now, I have a thing for pom-poms on hats as of recently.  But this little fella was sooooo soft, and super warm, and thankfully easy to knit up.

And the final category of the day - crochet!  This will also be hat in theme.  I made 2 more crochet hats, for my sister-in-law (yes again, same one) and her boyfriend.  

You'll have to excuse some of the poorer pictures - I managed to catch the loveliest cold ever - on the 23rd.  I was really suffering in the lead up to Christmas.

I hope to post an update on what projects I have happening right now (they include two new adorable hats), a cardigan for myself I hope to complete soon, a pattern for a knit project that I have wanted for quite some time!

I also brought some lovely fabric for a beautiful Coco dress that I cannot wait to make, I just need to set myself a day or more to sit down and construct!


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