Monday, December 1, 2014

Jenna Crafty Hands (Like Edward Scissor Hands...but crafty)

Well's happened.

I'm officially 28 going on 82.

As many of you are aware I have slowly been taking up the "arts & crafts".  Or shall I say, the sewing, knitting and crochet (hooray)!

As well as my lovely new Facebook page I thought I would set up a little Blog - to document my journey into the "this old thing, well I made it myself" realm.

So [you ask] why am I 28 going on 82?  Well, let me tell you, whenever someone asks (as people sometimes do) what I do in my free time, I generally get a blank look of "really?!, you do that?!"

I started knitting again about 2 years ago, after an incredibly terrible and failed attempt at teaching myself, I got my lovely Mom to give me a session.  That started one little obsession which has grown slightly from the 20 new dishcloth squares, to scarves (thanks to my dearest friends Steph and Justin who happily received my first gifts of knitted scarves), and more recently little sweaters.

Following that obsession and getting tired of knitting squares or rectangles, I started looking at knitting patterns, and some (a lot) combined both knitting and crocheting, or some (where I liked the finished look) were only crochet.


Do I teach myself to crochet (I knew this would turn out terrible, like my self taught knitting experience), or should I wait and get another private learning session from my Mom.

Patience paid off my friends.

Just after my wedding my Mom sat down for a day and taught me crochet.  Needless to say, I've really taken to it (as shown by my newly crocheted infinity scarves, sock monkey hats, and of course owl hats).  I hope to add to my zoo of hats by making a little hippo one, but that's for later.

You would think I would be happy to be that woman (strange to be that woman and not that girl) on the train crocheting to her hearts content (and getting compliments from other women).  But no.  I wanted more.  I wanted machinery.  I wanted a throwback to my old junior high self, sewing away happily on a sewing machine.  I wanted to reminisce to the days where I would get some fabric that my parents bought, spread it out on the floor, and carefully trace and cut out a pattern to sew.  Granted my junior high self only did this for a few Halloween Costumes.  I wanted to glory of making things again.

Conveniently, it is roughly December...Christmas falls in this month, also my Birthday is in December.  Normally I am not a fan of these "combined" presents.  But since I knew what I wanted (and I knew it wasn't cheap) I made a deal with the Husband.  I can have a sewing machine for combined bday/xmas present, and he can have that shiny new PS4 for his bday/xmas present.  Deal!  He's distracted with a toy, I'm distracted with a's a win-win!

So - here is where I'll document the attempt at becoming a sewing master.  Hopefully one day I can turn it into something a bit more substantial (thanks to friends who have started purchasing things), just really to supplement my little addiction.  There will be pictures soon, and probably some giggles at my attempts!

Stay tuned my friends.....stay tuned.


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