Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blue and Gold

Me and Coco, we're best friends.  And we will be forever.  I need to buy all the fabric (ever) now!

This was a dream to sew.

It helped that I already was head over heels in love with the fabric and thread...

Beautiful, I know.  I may go back and buy a million more yards of the fabric!

Well.  Needless to say, I learned a lesson from my last sewing project, before I cut, I made sure the little square gauge was actually the right size.  Measure twice cut once (right)?

Once I finished cutting paper, and then taping it to together, and then cutting the paper again (the instant gratification that comes with getting that PDF immediately is somewhat dampened by that step), it was time to lay it all out and cut!  This time, I used my rotary tool and tailors carbon to mark out the pieces, then used my little circle cutter with my matt.  It was really cool to do it this way!  Made me feel all professional and grown up.  And, I only cut my finger very very minor.  Nothing worse than a paper cut.  Yay me! (my cutter has an automatic blade hider, so if I'm not actually squeezing the handle, the blade is no chance of sitting on it cuts).

I also remembered to take a picture of me winding the bobbin, and a picture of my favourite part of my sewing machine...the automatic needle threader.  Um, YES PLEASE!

And yes, if you can see, I may have been wearing my homemade pj's while making this.

Well, after the cutting, and threading, it was time to actually sew, and sew I did.

If you look closely at my pointer finger, you can see my tiny cut.

Anyway - finished product time.

(pardon the dirty mirror)

(and also the slippers)

But there she be.  My lovely beautiful Coco, of which I will be making in a many colours (and also the shirt version) because she is a sweet swift dream to sew up!

Now, I'm going to quietly crochet in bed to a movie until its sleeping time!


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